Monday, April 28, 2008

carrot prince

What lead you to blogging?
It was my sister Allana who re-introduced me to blogging. Re-introduced in the sense that I already discovered blogging when I was sophomore high school student but only started to take it a little seriously when I was already on my second year in college. Nung highschool and my freshman year in college, I would start a blog and delete it kung ayaw ko na sa kanya. Wehehehe. Ngayon hindi na.

And another reason why I blog religiously now is because of a crush in college. I'm a regular reader of her blog, tapos naisip ko na, " Pwede rin naman akong mag-blog ah." Ganun po.

Do you plan ahead what to post or you simply post anything that happened to you in a certain occasion?
Generally, I plan ahead for my posts. And the posts are mostly about the things that happen to me. I only talk about shallow stuff in Carrot Prince - because I don't want to reveal much about myself.

Your blog as a student reminds me a lot of the student's typical day, how do you manage your time with blogging (knowing how busy it is to be in college)?
Normally, I write a post on Notepad in the evening and upload it on the blog early in the morning. I think it's a good stress - reliever. Studies come first of course! It's just that blogging has become a favorite past time now. It's good to write your own personal history. I don't blog when I have a lot of things to do, I just reserve them for another day or never even blog about them at all. I treat it as a hobby, something I can spend time doing after a day in school.

You've been blogging for long now and what were the best posts (what was it about)?
I started blogging in Greatest Journal in Harvest Erubinu around June 2007. After three months, I moved all my entries to Blogspot since I could customize the layout better there - that was the start of Highway 53: The Adventures of a Teenage Geographer and later The Prince of Geography Adventures. Because my entries back then were all very personal, some people eventually changed the URL address from highway53 to earvin01 to hide the blog! Wehehehe. Then I did a blog clean-up - I deleted around a hundred entries kasi mahirap ang internet eh, medyo di safe. Kaso, I accidentally deleted some good entries too , as well as some important pieces of personal history! Sayang. Pero OK lang. Sa totoo lang, I consider 2008 as my starting year in blogging, not 2007.

I think I really don't have an outstanding post. They're all practically the same. I really don't write that much since my English is horrible. But I think my best entries are those entries where I chose to be honest - without revealing that much about myself or about me getting in a not-so-bloggable situation. I'm just happy about the thought that I keep a lot of secrets.

If you are planning something on your blog, what would you want to feature in the future (something you never did before)?
I dream of getting my very own domain name in the future. But I think I don't really need it. Wehehehehe. And I'm still looking for that perfect layout for the blog - which I haven't found yet.

How do you think does your blog helps other people (entertaining them, teaching them something, etc.)?
Honestly, I don't know the answer to that question. But I think Carrot Prince makes some people happy, even just a little bit. I believe that bloggers who have good entries for everyone make the world, or at least cyberspace, a better place.

If you had a million to spend for a day, where and how will you spend it (you have to consume it wihtin the day - putting it in a bank/money depot cannot be considered)?
Whoa! A million pesos and I'll only be spending it for one day? That would be awesome! First of all, I'll buy the best SLR cameras for me, my sisters, my parents and my friends! I'll buy a camera for everybody I know. I'll buy five for myself! I really love photography and I'm thinking of studying it formally some time in the future when I already have a stable job. Basta I'll buy a camera! And lots of them. And of course, lots of memory cards since I'll be taking a billion photographs! Bwahahaha.

donG says>>
earvin's blog reminds us of our college days. spending a balance time studying and blogging. blogging for him is a stress-believer. he is a member of KontempoRaryong Gamelan Pilipino or Kontra-Gapi, the resident music and dance ensemble of the University of the Philippines. a future geographer who also likes surfing in Baler, Aurora. photography and anything Japanese is his interest for pastime. his blog is also nominated for the Candy Teen Blog Awards 2008. blog hop now.

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