Wednesday, April 30, 2008

collapsing barrycade

what lead you to blogging?
my college friends insisted that i should try blogging, but i initially didn't like the idea for fear that i wont be able to sustain it and that i dont have anything interesting to blog about anyway. one crazy afternoon in the office, i was so
dog-tired with work that i searched for a distraction that wouldnt look like i wasn't doing my work hehe... Blogging seemed the perfect distraction, and so i tried it. Next thing I knew, i was already becoming the blogger i thought i wont be.

do you plan ahead what to post or you simply post anything that happened to you in a certain occasion?
i do both. there are topics that i plan ahead before writing; some are spur of the moment (say, i'm watching TV and felt strongly about a subject)

you've been blogging for long now and what were the best posts?
i'm not sure which post is the best, but i can tell you which one i enjoyed writing the most.

the most enjoyable i've written so far was my post on Imelda Marcos. it was spur of the moment, but everything i needed (from quotes to photos) simply fell on my lap. i was laughing while i was doing the post and so i enjoyed it tremendously.

i don't have very high traffic in my blog, but among the posts, three have the highest traffic (thanks to Google and other search engines): Pinay makes it to American Idol, body tricks, and road rage under fire..
if you are planning something on your blog, what would you want to feature in the future?
five things
a. have my own domain
b. come up with my own design
c. blog as often as i can
d. learn photography so i can post better photos
e. create another blog with a specialized, niche topic

how do you think does your blog helps other people?
i don't have any gauge to claim that my blog entertains or inspires people. i'd rather that my readers tell me this time.problem is, i have so many lurkers than readers who take time to comment.hahaha...

what makes a blog post interesting?
I'd like to believe all topics have the potential to be interesting to readers; the writer only needs to package it well. based on my experience, these are the elements that make a post interesting:
a catchy title
Sometimes, i will decide whether or not to read the post by simply reading the title; if it's plain and a giveaway, it bores me. i prefer a title that keeps me wanting for more.
the writer is passionate about the subject
I know it when i read it. When a writer feels strongly about a subject, his/her personality shines through; reading the post feels like listening to the writer in person. You can almost see the nonverbal cues.
writer makes an old subject current or adds a new twist to it
it's always fun to find a few surprises on the subject in the post, something unpredictable, something new that i didn't know about before. a blogger can post about Adam and Eve and still make it interesting.
d. attractive photos that complement the text
i'm a visual person and so i enjoy really good photos that come with nicely written text.

what is your most unforgettable experience as a person living on a different country or simply when you're traveling?

Some of my travel posts (there's few of them actually) must have made the impression that I have lived or am living in a different country, but no, I have yet to experience living away from 'Pinas. What my brief visits to a couple of countries made me realize is that (gee, I fear I will sound the cheesiest man on the hour for saying this): mas love ko pa rin ang 'Pinas; nothing feels like

donG says>> barry's blog is like a watch-eye to what's happening in the Philippines. from issues to simple experiences of mismanaged systems, heavy traffic and "odd"vertisements. he also shares lessons learned with really good humor and he has a special post on Imelda. check it out.

just click on the photo of barry that will lead you to his blog.

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