Thursday, April 17, 2008

lost and found thailand

what lead you to blogging?
Initially I started my blog to let my friends know about what's going on in my life while Im in Thailand. In the start I wrote e-mails here and there, but at some point I realized I was repeating myself - what have I told to whom etc. - couldn't keep track of it all. And thats when I thought of blogging - the perfect solution, really. Nobody is forced to read it, but it's always there if a wish to have a look should arise.

what motivates you to blog about a place so different from the country that you came from?

What motivates me? Exactly the reason that my life here IS so different from everything I used to 'live through' back home. I had this hope that someone might actually find what I write interesting for the same reason :) And as it turns out, several people do - and thats a motivator in itself. To share an experience is a two way process - the readers might learn something new about how different other cultures/people can be (and how it is for a European to integrate here) and as for me - I get the chance to communicate and, in certain moments, get some of the "load" off my shoulders.

your blog is very personal which makes it very interesting, how much do you spend posting?

How much time? Hmm, sort of hard to estimate. I write fast, so one I've gotten myself in the "groove", I get things written down at a great speed :) Also, it of course depends if anything interesting has happened - sometimes a a day or two can go by without me writing anything. Lets just say half an hour per post or something (picture upload takes a very long time) :)

how important to you is traveling?
Always loved traveling - that also is one of the reasons I was so thrilled I got this opportunity to come to Thailand. I never understood some peoples ability to be content with not seeing and experiencing the world around us. So yes, I would say traveling is important - it is re-energizing, helps to broaden one's views and i guess it also teaches one tolerance.

what makes every travel special?

Well, it's not always happening that way, but no matter where the "road" leads, a trip will always be special if it can be shared with someone. If traveling alone, then the journey has a slightly different aura to it - not less special or anything, but you would have to engage more with the people encountered on the way. More generally speaking - every trip is special no matter what happens during it - because it will be a memory, and as we all know, memories cannot be relived again.

what common aspect or characteristic do you have in common with the Thais?
What is common between me and Thai people? :) Oh man, thats a tough question to answer. Hmmm... let me see. I really don't know - I can come up with some general ideas, but those would be applicable to all nations - you know, people here seem to celebrate beauty of all things existing - and I would say we all look for some beauty in out lives to keep us going. I really don't know what to say this, hehe - I might come up with something later.

oh, I just as Thai people am crazy about their fantastic cuisine!

what's a dream place to travel do you have in mind right now?
My dream place - well, I have been thinking a lot about the Philippines lately (thanks to your blog!); also - I have always wanted to go to Cambodia.

donG says>>
Laura's blog is like a personal journal describing her new working environment, which is extremely different from where she came from, she take notes of her travel within Thailand and even her sidetrips outside this country. she talks about the Thai culture and her travels and what she finds unusual. this is one of the blogs that i first visited when i blog hop and it remains to be a very interesting blog.

click the picture to lead you to her blog.


Heart of Rachel said...

What a great tribute to your favorite bloggers.

I agree with Laura that traveling becomes more meaningful when you share it with someone.

the donG said...

that's true. you'll enjoy reading her trips in the towns of Thailand.

i'm featuring at least four bloggers every month.